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We’re the leaders of cash­in­transit in all the countries we operate, however we’re not your average cash collection service organisation.

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Are you a high cash volume business where cash is being received and given at multiple locations within your premises? Is the management of physical cash becoming a laborious challenge? Prosegur provide an all-encompassing cash management solution.

Prosegur is a global leader in private security, offering comprehensive end-­to­-end solutions adapted to our clients’ needs for over 40 years. Locally, Prosegur Australia specialise in integrated security services combined with innovative technology to deliver the greatest business efficiency for our clients.

Cash Collections

  • Armed, uniformed cash-in­-transit personnel will collect cash directly from your premises, removing the risk to your staff.
  • The cash is fully insured and you traceable every step through GPS monitored trucks

ATM Service Management

  • A full end­-to­-end ATM solution including maintenance services 7 days a week, ATM replenishment and reconciliation services and cash forecasting.

Automated Cash Services

  • A scalable range of cash automation machines that provide fast, verified cash reconciliation whilst being fully insured and secure on your premises.  

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Prosegur is a global leader in private security, offering comprehensive end­to­end solutions adapted to our clients’ needs for over 40 years. Locally, Prosegur Australia specialise in integrated security services combined with innovative technology to deliver the greatest business efficiency for our clients. Our specialised regional portfolio includes but is not limited to:

Physical and automated cash management/cash­in­transit services  Cash automation, forecasting and reporting Personalised and professional ATM maintenance and support

NSW Master Lic. 408195411

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“When we had 10 stores, we would go into each store to take the money to the bank; we were transporting a lot of money. We needed a safer solution. Prosegur has always known what we’re about, which makes for a very good working relationship”

Drakes Supermarkets       

“If no cash is on the ground the club stops. Prosegur doesn’t let that happen. Prosegur has helped maximize the potential of the club”

Central Coast Leagues Club      

“The biggest benefit has been an integrated solution for cash­in­transit and all aspects of our gaming clearance, all in one contract.”

Club Marconi